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1) M113 and infantry
The M113 is a variant, fitted with a Cadillac Gage turret carrying two HMGs, and in the foreground is an M60 mounted on a tripod for use as a support weapon. The infantry are from SHQ's old 20mm US marine range.

I have a nasty feeling that this M113 modification was only used by the Australians, and this one is painted up as a US vehicle. I'm not changing it now, but I'd be interested if anyone could confirm this one way or the other.

2) US Infantry (plastic)
These plastic ESCI infantry are an excellent way to build up your army cheaply. They are very slightly taller and skinnier than the metal SHQ, but can be easily intermingled.

I mount them all on pennies, which helps take care of the plastic's lack of weight. The only drawback is the bendy plastic can make the paint flake off if they are roughly treated. They come in a box of 50, with about 15 different poses for about 4 or 5.

3) Village Assault 1
In this scenario, a force of Regional Forces and US special forces were defending a village loyal to the government from an assault by VC regulars.

The battle was conducted at the Sheffield wargames club using my own rules. In a bit of an experiment I was attempting to allow both sides to use hidden map movement. This wasn't a great success (slow and confused), so in future I would limit it to one side only.

4) Village Assault 2
Kevin moves his squads of VC regulars through the smoke barrage. Dug-in US Special Forces supporting the local militia were about to inflict heavy casualties on this wave assault, but weight of numbers was to carry the day for the VC.

5) Umpire pinboard
My umpire's pinboard.

This contains a timetrack to keep record of support and other events, a map of the board for hidden movement, and a rules summary sheet. The flags used can be downloaded and printed out from this page in the rules section.

6) US in ruins
These ruins are made from a combination of Linka, balsa wood and some thin sheets of rigid blue foam.

7) US in village 1
SHQ infantry (new and old) advance into a small village. The thatch huts are roofed with plumber's hemp. The tin roof is made from fine corrugated cardboard with one face stripped off.

8) US in village 2
The walls of these huts are made from sheets of balsa wood, scored with a blunt knife to look like planking.

9) US in village 3
All my 20mm Vietnam figures are mounted on pennies. This makes them difficult to knock over and also gives the plastic ESCI ones a satisfying weight.

10) Buildings
A set of Vietnam buildings in a cardboard tray sized to fit in an A4 paper box.


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