Cultist army

The numbers of my cultist/redemptionist gang have risen to 24, so it’s really more of a small army now – I took some photos to get the full effect. I’ve posted most of these before, but here they are en masse. They are equipped with three flamers, two grenade launchers and the rest are equally […]

Genestealer Hybrids

In preparation for Space Hulk I have dug out some hybrids, so I thought I’d photograph them for the site (a couple are a bit blurred – sorry about that but I couldn’t be bothered to set up again after I found out). One of the more recently painted has a 1999 date underneath – […]

10mm East Africa – British and German askaris

First batch of troops are completed and based. Trouble with photographing the smaller scale figures is that they show up the painting errors in a way that you don’t really see on the table. I painted 4 packs of figures from Pendraken, which were the Kings African Rifles infantry, KAR Machine guns, Early German askaris […]

Redemptionist Flagellants

Another couple of recruits for the Redemptionist gang. These are converted Wargames Foundry flagellants.


The first was converted with a new mask and hood, and was given an auto pistol (from the Foundry Street Violence range).

The second just needed arming. A shotgun on his back and a grenade at his belt brought […]

After the bombardment

Following on from the savannah trees, I thought I would put together some pieces to represent the aftermath of a bombardment. I have constructed some craters, some tree stumps and some trees which have had most of the foliage stripped by fire or blast.

Figured most of the fighting would probably be in the dry […]

Techno-apes painted

APE01 – Techno ape – leader

The 8 models in my second batch have been painted and photographed, so here are the other 3 – the techno-apes. I really enjoyed doing the ape faces, and they’ve each come out with their own character. I found doing the fur much more difficult than I expected. […]

New cultists for Warfactory range

I’ve just had eight new models cast up for the Warfactory range – 3 techno-apes and 5 cultists. They will be going on sale at Lancer next week. These three cultists are variants of the existing models, packing some heavier firepower than their colleagues.

3 new variants of the cultists

There are also 2 […]

Savannah Trees

Still waiting for the figures (come on Pendraken) but focussing on some terrain in readiness. Although these have been sized for my 10mm setup, the same technique can easily be used for larger scales. Here’s one which has simply been sprayed green.

The raw material is the dried flower heads of a garden flower […]