10mm East Africa – British and German askaris

First batch of troops are completed and based. Trouble with photographing the smaller scale figures is that they show up the painting  errors in a way that you don’t really see on the table. I painted 4 packs of figures from Pendraken, which were the Kings African Rifles infantry, KAR Machine guns, Early German askaris and German askari machine guns. The early askaris had access to new or new-ish uniforms, as opposed to the later ones which would have had to make do with what could be captured or made locally.

First time I’ve done 10mm. Approach was an Army Painter spray undercoat of Desert Yellow, followed by a thinned black wash. Once that was dry, I blocked in the colours. Last touch was a thin black wash over puttees and machine-gun gunbelts to bring out those details, gloss varnish, then a spray with Army Painter matt. basing was a Sandtex masonry paint, fine sand sprinkled on and worked in with more paint, hemp dry-grass tufts and various other scatters added.

Kings African Rifles infantry first;BEA2 - KAR 1 left fig is converted ME1 BEA2 - KAR 2BEA2 - KAR Rear view


The left-most figure in the first pic is not from the KAR pack. It’s an imperial infantryman from the Middle East Pendraken range. All I did was trim off the front and sides or the brim of the Wolesley helmet. It has enough of a rear brim to hint at a neck-flap. The top is then cut a bit flatter to represent the covered fez rather than the dome of the original helmet. I just like to have as much variety of figure as I can.

KAR Machine Gun next;


Here is a shot of KAR troops moving into a shelled area to take advantage of the cover;  KAR move take cover in shell-holes

Germans next. Askari infantry; GEA1 - German Askaris 1GEA1 - German Askaris 2GEA1 - German Askaris rear view

German MG teams – the white officers did the firing.GEA3 MG 08 team 2 GEA3 MG 08 team 1

Finally, German askaris defending the village.German askaris defend village

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