Freehand Undead Shields

They don’t seem to be in fashion so much now, but I like a classic old school shield pattern painted on a flat shield. Here’s some I did last year. Usually I make them up as I go along. I paint a base colour on the shield, then I think of something to put on […]

Beastman with custom shield

I was in the mood for sculpting a putty shield, and picked this model out as a suitable candidate. The shield was sculpted in a single session, the model is an unconverted 80s Khorne beastman. When it came to painting, I tried out some more unusual metal effects, inspired by other people’s models I had […]

Three savage orcs

These were going to be my entry for Orctober, (see Oldhammer forum here, but I didn’t get them finished in time. I bought these three at BOYL 2014. They didn’t have shields, so I decided to scratch build something suitable. I’d been doing a couple of classic green putty ‘ugly face’ designs, so I […]