Dragon Ogre

A few photos of a really classic model here. I love the way he is stalking forward, his massive axe raised. At any moment he is about to start sweeping it from side-to-side, cutting down lesser creatures like corn. It’s no wonder this would cause fear in creatures under 10′ tall.


Mutated Minotaur Lord

This is an unconverted 80s minotaur lord, which I painted a few years ago. I used not to like the model very much, but after I had worked hard on this one, it’s now one of my favourite minotaurs. One of my favourite bits is the dark bronze metal, which if I remember correctly is […]

Beastman with custom shield

I was in the mood for sculpting a putty shield, and picked this model out as a suitable candidate. The shield was sculpted in a single session, the model is an unconverted 80s Khorne beastman. When it came to painting, I tried out some more unusual metal effects, inspired by other people’s models I had […]