Site working again

Last week I noticed that the site had gone down again (Database Connection error). Before I got round to doing anything about it, it has come back up again (Hooray). As I hadn’t made any manual changes, and another WordPress site on the same server had also failed in the same way, I’m suspecting either:


Site reshuffle (some boring technical stuff)

The WordPress blog is now the main site…

It came to my notice that some people, (well, at least one) were following “”. This meant that they wouldn’t get any updates, because the WordPress site was at “”, and this URL pointed at the old site. I’ve just made this (the WordPress site) the default […]

Let’s swap links

Traffic on this blog is frankly still a bit feeble. If you have a wargaming blog then please add me to your links and I will be happy to add a link back to yours. Just post the URL of your blog I the comments below.

I’d also be interested to know how you found […]