Cultist army

The numbers of my cultist/redemptionist gang have risen to 24, so it’s really more of a small army now – I took some photos to get the full effect. I’ve posted most of these before, but here they are en masse. They are equipped with three flamers, two grenade launchers and the rest are equally […]

Redemptionist Flagellants

Another couple of recruits for the Redemptionist gang. These are converted Wargames Foundry flagellants.


The first was converted with a new mask and hood, and was given an auto pistol (from the Foundry Street Violence range).

The second just needed arming. A shotgun on his back and a grenade at his belt brought […]

New cultists for Warfactory range

I’ve just had eight new models cast up for the Warfactory range – 3 techno-apes and 5 cultists. They will be going on sale at Lancer next week. These three cultists are variants of the existing models, packing some heavier firepower than their colleagues.

3 new variants of the cultists

There are also 2 […]


The whole merry throng

This collection of cultists/Redemptionists really got going last summer. At BOYL they were selling a variety of odds and sods at £1 each. I snapped up everything with a robe on and went home with 9 miscellaneous ‘jolly’ monks and priests. I also had a solitary GW Redemptionist from some […]

Cultist sculpt – WIP

I have been sculpting a set of cultists, and here is the latest. He is getting very near complete. A little more work on the feet, and a few details – I’ve been thinking about giving him a set of throwing knives attached to his belt at the back. He has been made on an […]