Sculpting tip #3 – Freezing putty

Real life commitments interrupted me recently at the point when I had just mixed up a blob of green stuff, and I had to leave it unused. Rather than waste it, I tried putting it in the freezer. To my slight surprise, once I had warmed it back up the following day, it was perfectly […]

Sculpting tip #2 – putty on thumbnail

I have found that the best place to keep putty while you are sculpting is on the back of your thumbnail. This makes a very convenient surface for chopping off small bits and sticking them on. If you keep the putty on your work surface, then that isn’t as convenient, and if you hold it […]

Sculpting tip #1 – wet foam to lubricate your tool

Here’s a tip I picked up from watching Kevin Adams sculpting at BOYL. He was using a blister pack just like the one below, soaked in water. Pretty much every time he lifted the sculpting tool off the green, he dabbed it on the foam, moistening it so that it didn’t stick to the putty. […]