Sculpting tip #1 – wet foam to lubricate your tool

Here’s a tip I picked up from watching Kevin Adams sculpting at BOYL. He was using a blister pack just like the one below, soaked in water. Pretty much every time he lifted the sculpting tool off the green, he dabbed it on the foam, moistening it so that it didn’t stick to the putty. I’ve been trying it using this Foundry blister pack which has a nice thick piece of foam and I’ve found it’s a great technique. Previously I had tried using vaseline – bit messy, not much better than water, and then went back to the old jam jar of water. The advantage the foam has over the jam jar (other than being impossible to knock over), is that you don’t end up transferring drops of water on to the sculpt, which get in the way and need to be shaken or blown off. I run the foam under the tap so it’s sodden. When you aren’t using it, you can leave it wet, close the lid on the pack and put it in your sculpting box so it’s ready for next time.

Foam blister pack

Foam blister pack and sculpting tool

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