Chainsaw Warrior Mutants

Chainsaw Warrior Mutant Models

More Chainsaw Warrior mutants

Original card

Last year I created a game using Space Hulk rules in a Chainsaw Warrior setting, which I’m finally getting round to fully documenting here (and I still need to finish the rules so that they can be posted). I needed models for […]

First Chainsaw Warrior game at BOYL

The first game has been played at Bring Out Your Lead 2015. The last Chainsaw Warrior (controlled by Skarsnik) reached Darkness with 5 minutes to go, only to be battered down after he missed with his Laser Lance. Here you can see them working their way across the 2nd floor being chased by the green […]

Chainsaw Warrior at BOYL 2015

As anyone following the retro 80s wargaming scene must know, we are merely days away from BOYL 2015 @ Wargames Foundry, Newark. “Chainsaw Warrior with Space Hulk Rules” (got to think of a snappier title), will be making an appearance. The schedule is here, there are still spaces, so sign up quick.

The Meat […]

Chainsaw Warrior accessories

I have been making a few extras for the Chainsaw Warrior game. By accessories, I don’t mean a tiger-stripe handbag; it seemed like a nice idea to represent some of the traps as actual elements on the board. First up, the Weakened Floorboards. These were made from sliced up lolly stick stuck to mounting board. […]

Meat Machine WIP

I’m putting together the final parts of my Chainsaw Warrior-Space Hulk mashup and one of the key elements is the Meat Machine. For those who are not familiar with Games Workshop’s classic game, the Meat Machine was a two-wheeled cyborg zombie, which to a great extent defies categorisation. Like everything else in the game there’s […]

Third Chainsaw Warrior Playtest

Last weekend we had another game – same rules and layout with a few minor tweaks. Specifically:

We wrote out exactly what each trap did, took out the not applicable ones and made a “room deck” of about half “Empty”, a quarter traps, a quarter supply dumps and a handful of zombies. On the Third […]

Chainsaw Warrior board sections for download

Ready to assault the second floor

This link contains the images to print out two different Chainsaw Warrior boards, as used in the playtest. Each board comes in 4 pieces so it can be printed on an A4 printer (irritatingly, you can’t quite fit them on to 2 prints, because the length of […]

Second Chainsaw Warrior playtest

We’ve just had our second playtest of Chainsaw Warrior using Space Hulk rules. A lot more of the proper models were available, some new and improved board sections and some important rules tweaks. Playing against the clock I had 60 minutes to save New York and… I won’t give the ending away but let’s just […]

Chainsaw Warrior Prototype Board

I have made the first prototype board for my Chainsaw Warrior “2D” – Chainsaw Warrior with Space Hulk rules. The board will be made up of 30cm squares. I bought a big sheet of hardboard from B&Q – they offer a free timber cutting service and can have it sliced up for you very precisely […]

Chainsaw Warrior game WIP

I have been working on a hybrid of Space Hulk and Chainsaw Warrior – basically using Space Hulk movement and turn sequence with Chainsaw Warrior models and equipment. I created a basic layout in Photoshop of a 10×10 square grid of rooms, 1 foot in total and printed off four copies. These represent two floors, […]