Prototype Confrontation gangers by John Blanche?

Last weekend we nipped over to Foundry and took advantage of their sale to pick up a few odds and ends, (but trying not to add too much to lead pile). Obviously while we were there, we took a look through the cabinets, and I noticed these interesting models. Nothing is labelled, so what follows […]

Frostgrave scenery for practically nothing

Since just before Christmas, I’ve been churning out Frostgrave scenery, all of it made very cheaply. Total spend so far is around £20 and there’s enough to fill a 3ft square table already.

Insulation foam ruins

Specially bought: Woodland Scenics snow flock – £10. I’ve used about £1’s worth so far. A selection of […]

Start of Frostgrave terrain and discount shop goodies

So I have succumbed. My problem is that I have so many bits and pieces that could be used that I have to decide where to start. I have one of the GW Manor house sets that would look good, so the start is to construct bases to put these on. I have also purchased […]

Third Frostgrave game

First proper table set up at home. This was a 4’x4′ table on two boards. I was going to use a piece of snow fleece – the sort of thing used in Christmas shop window displays. It looked pleasingly fluffy, like fresh snow, but we rapidly discovered that nothing would stand up on it, and […]

More Frostgrave Trees

A follow up to my earlier post on Frostgrave trees, I’ve added three new types of tree to my collection. They were all ordered from eBay

A – 50x Dark Green Trees Model Train Railway Park Street Scenery HO Scale 6.5cm (361360991044) B – 20 FIR TREE 9CM MODEL TRAIN LAYOUT ARCHITECTURE WAR GAME DIORAMA […]

Trees for Frostgrave

Just before Christmas I bought a package of second hand trees on eBay, mainly because it contained one of the Britains oak trees – as used in WFB3 on ‘that table’. It also included some rather ropey conifers that I thought would come in handy for the Frostgrave project I was starting up. Here’s what […]

Norman Motte and Bailey Castle

This weekend, starting on Friday, Rowan and I built this Norman motte and bailey castle for his History homework. It’s built to 6mm scale (1:300) in the classic shape. Most motte and bailey castles were pretty small – this, with its 15 metre high mound and three storey keep, represents one of the larger examples.