More Frostgrave Trees

A follow up to my earlier post on Frostgrave trees, I’ve added three new types of tree to my collection. They were all ordered from eBay

A – 50x Dark Green Trees Model Train Railway Park Street Scenery HO Scale 6.5cm (361360991044)
C – 10pcs Layout Scenery Landscape Model Cedar Trees 8cm-12cm Vary Scale To choose (251143618482)

They were all very good value, ranging from about 8p each to 30p each for the big ones, however, they were pretty cheap and cheerful. None of them had bases – just the stalks, and the C trees just had a twisted bare wire, which is just about visible between the foliage, although not so noticeable once the snow has been put on. In addition a lot of the smallest trees (A) which have plastic trunks, were a bit bent and wouldn’t easily straighten. For comparison, D & E are trees from my previous posts. D has been snow flocked with baking soda and PVA, whereas E has Woodland Scenics snow on a mixture of PVA and white acrylic.


Comparison of trees for Frostgrave

The new trees were all plain – I wanted to add snow to match the others. I based the small ones on pieces of heavy card – poked a hole with a scalpel, pushed the plastic trunk through and stuck it with PVA. Then when the glue was dry, I cut it off flush with a scalpel.


The large ones were more of a challenge. I wanted to weight the bases – I used 2 pence coins, but then I couldn’t easily make a hole to stick the trunk it. I solved this by cutting small pieces of pie dish foil, squirting PVA on them and then wrapping them round the wire. They flared out and were very solid when dry. I then PVA’d these down to the top of the coins. The next step was to cover the bases with plasterboard adhesive. This weighted down the small ones and created a smooth mound on all of them. Finally I covered them with PVA and sand. As well as a ground texture this is very hard wearing and prevents any chipping of the bases. All of these were snow flocked with Woodland Scenics on a mixture of PVA and white acrylic. Some of them could do with another coat as the foam flock is more absorbent than the other trees I bought.

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