Frostgrave scenery for practically nothing

Since just before Christmas, I’ve been churning out Frostgrave scenery, all of it made very cheaply. Total spend so far is around £20 and there’s enough to fill a 3ft square table already.

Insulation foam ruins

Insulation foam ruins

Specially bought:


  • Stones from the garden
  • Bits of dried plant. In the UK this is a good time of year to collect things, anything that’s lasted this long through the winter will be well and truly dried out.
  • Foam pizza bases (I didn’t buy the pizzas specially and then discard them).
Dried plant sprigs and stones from the garden

Dried plant sprigs and stones from the garden

From the store cupboard:

These are virtually all left over from building work or other projects. Either free, or I’ve used very small quantities of a large stock.

  • Plasterboard Adhesive (left over from building work – at 25kg for £9, that’s enough to last you for years if you buy it specially). You could also use any hard plaster such as Herculite.
  • Woodland Scenics Realistic Water. That’s quite pricey too at £10-15 per bottle, but I’ve only used about 5ml for a Frostgrave pond which is less than 20p worth. It’s great stuff – buy one and it will last you for dozens of little projects. I tried quite a few different water techniques and products, and this was the best.
  • Scraps of extruded polystyrene. These are bits of insulation that I peeled off plasterboard.
  • Scraps of hardboard left over from building work or scavenged from old picture frame backs etc.
  • Some resin gothic windows – I was given these. They would be fairly expensive to buy, but you can make your own by cutting them from mounting board. See this tutorial I wrote years ago: Gothic Ruin
  • 5mm Foamboard. This was left over from work presentations, so it cost me nothing, but you can get it for less than a couple of pounds for an A1 sheet if you shop around.
Work in progress - needs paint and flock

Work in progress – needs paint and flock


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