Techno-apes painted


APE01 – Techno ape – leader

The 8 models in my second batch have been painted and photographed, so here are the other 3 – the techno-apes. I really enjoyed doing the ape faces, and they’ve each come out with their own character. I found doing the fur much more difficult than I expected. Previously I had thought of fur as being pretty easy, but that was because I’d just done the odd cloak or scrap – small blobs. Once the fur has to clad a body shape and reveal muscles etc., it gets a whole lot harder. I ended up having to make it in quite small patches and sometimes had to cut back an unsuccessful area and do it again.

As experts in creating miniaturised technology, they have mainly just got a few wearable items on their wrists and arms.


APE02 – Techno ape

I was particularly pleased with the pose on this one below – by the third sculpt I was getting into the whole ape body shape a bit more. I had to be a bit careful placing the arms and legs to ensure it could be moulded in one piece.


APE03 – Techno ape

If there’s sufficient interest in these, I’m planning to do a few more including a variant of the walking one with a baby ape on its back, and a couple of young ones (goblin size).

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