3D printed weapons have arrived

Eight days after ordering them, my 3D printed weapons have arrived. I’ve painted them black, drybrushed them and taken photos. These are Frosted Ultra Detail from Shapeways. On the whole I’m pleased, they’ve come out the right size, the surface detail is good and they are slightly rough but acceptable. It will be interesting to see how they cast. If I get some more printed, I would make some of the smallest details a little larger and deeper cut/more prominent. The plastic is very hard and a bit brittle, but it takes the paint without trouble. I was a bit worried because it was noticeably greasy (and smelt faintly of almonds). I scrubbed it with washing up liquid and a toothbrush before painting.

The only printing problem is that one of the weapons hasn’t formed correctly – it should have a ribbed end to it, but it has come separately in a little bag in two pieces. I think I hadn’t formed the 3d model correctly – it reported as being a 3 piece model when it should have been only one, and I couldn’t work out why. I’m going to try pinning and gluing it on.

3d_weapons_1 3d_weapons_2 3d_weapons_3

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