Romans and Goths

Couple of units of Romans with some Gothic cavalry. The spearmen with the spoked shields have been done for ages but they finally got their rear rank of archers. The other unit is newer – don’t think I fancy painting another 70-odd faces for 36 figures! Started these before getting some LBM shield transfers. Think I’ll use those next time. Romans are a mix of Foundry, Gripping Beast and a few West Wind. I have padded the bases to disguise the difference in stature between the manufacturers.


2 comments to Romans and Goths

  • Aidan

    That’s an impressive looking army. The identical shields combined with a much more motley collection of troops carrying them is a great look.

  • Alan Martin

    Thanks. As the empire started to fold supply would have broken down and more locals drafted into the ranks so uniformity would decline. Shields might have started to vary more, but the big attraction of this army is the shields, so although I’ll vary the size I’ll try and make the patterns consistent for each unit.
    The figures themselves are quick to paint, because I shade using the cheaty method of mixing black enamel with the gloss varnish that I used on those fantasy figures 30 years ago. Only slight variation is that because the tunics are pale, I highlight the white over the top of the gloss, then cover with the matt varnish. The shields take the time, so using the LBM transfers should make these quick to turn out. Wish I could say this about the figures I have lined up on the painting table at the moment!

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