Woodcutter’s son

“Make the boy see sense”, she turned to her husband in desperation. “I just want to make something of myself, that’s all”, her son retorted “that Tom from Top Farm bought Betsy ribbons at the fayre. Where am I going to get money like that if I stay here?”.

“At least trees won’t fight you back, or take your fingers with the cold. And Frank’s brother came back, but he’s not been right in the head since. Doesn’t sleep all night or say a word that a person can understand”

Woodcutter’s son

Sometimes when you are painting a model, a story comes into your head, and it was definitely the case with this one. He’s from the Frostgrave soldiers box, and I love this head with the woolly hat – it’s so basic and so real. He’ll serve as a Thug (doesn’t really seem the right term for him). I imagine him in the inn with the hard bitten veterans, trying to keep up with the drinking and waking up with a sore head.

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