Site is fixed

As mysteriously as it broke, this WordPress site has fixed itself again. I got an email saying it had automatically upgraded, and I went to look at it, and other than the debug messages I had turned on, it was working again. I didn’t get round to investigating it much, but some of the logging implied there was a duplicate ID in the wp-options table (two rows in a database should never, ever share the same ID). Sort of implies an error in the MySQL, because the database engine shouldn’t really allow those rows to be created, whatever the calling code tries to do. Anyway, perhaps something in the update caused a regeneration of the tables at a level that cured it (even though database repairs in both WordPress and MySQL hadn’t worked).

Better take a backup right now!

2 comments to Site is fixed

  • Strangely, I can not seem to see comments. I see that there ARE comments, but clicking on them just brings up the leave a reply form.

    Hopefully it all gets sorted out soon, so you can return to stunning us with some great material.

  • Aidan

    Same here, even in the admin interface. New comments are appearing ok, and the comment totals suggests that it still has them stored. I’ll dig around and see if I can resuscitate them.

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