Helsreach jet bike race

Inspired by the classic Carl Critchlow artwork in Rogue Trader (see below), Curtis and I are planning to hold a big jet bike race through the streets of Helsreach, Logan’s World at BOYL 2017.

Jet bike race test game – models from the Ramshackle kickstarter

We finally had the first test game on Sunday, where we changed the rules as we went along, until we felt it was running right. We tried it with 12 jet bikes (most of which sadly still unpainted), so it had to be simple fast and furious. Initially we were thinking along the lines of X-wing manoeuvre templates, but soon abandoned that as being far too slow and laying out templates was actually pretty inaccurate. These are machines with a maximum move of 300″ per turn in the original rules, so they needed to cover some serious distance.

It has turned into a much sleeker rule set where the riders have to size up what’s ahead of them on the course, and decide just how much risk they want to take each turn. Great moments as one rider with a lucky roll of 6 burned his way up through the pack to catch up with the leaders, while another rolled a 1 and disintegrated against the concrete boundary wall.

Jet bikes have jumped to the front of the painting queue (serious loss of discipline there, but hey), and I’m now really looking forward to the next test game.

Jet bikes race through Helsreach streets in the Rogue Trader rulebook

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