Frostgrave Cultists

The next addition to our Frostgrave collection are these six cultists – which are needed for one of the Lich Lord scenarios.

Frostgrave cultists

Last time Rowan and I visited Alan, he gave Rowan a sprue of cultists, and Rowan built these. In the usual division of labour, he made the models up, and I did most of the painting. They are pretty basic – they started off being just done all over in Wargames Foundry Rawhide with a wash and drybrush. Then some areas were repaintedĀ for the final colour scheme. We stuck to a very restricted palette of shades of brown and grey with a few details in purple. Originally the ‘feature’ colour was going to be green, but it didn’t look as good.

Eagle eyed readers will remark that there are only 5 on a sprue, but 6 in the picture. The one in the centre at the bottom is from the soldier sprue with a cultist head and cultist accessories in the form of some bones (!?) hanging from his belt. Presumably they come in handy for some unpleasant ritual.


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