Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion

Alan gave me this classic model on the condition that I painted him (rather than incarcerating him in a drawer), so for the record – here he is.

Classic Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion

For anyone that doesn’t recognise him, he is one of the 1988-1989 range of Chaos Champions designed by Jes Goodwin. These are a fantastic range, brimming with character, detail, and beautifully sculpted too (don’t you just hate him).

Most are fairly obviously followers of specific Chaos powers. This one is probably Nurgle, but other than the ragged robe and rather fly-like gas mask, he’s fairly generic. I just went with the colours that came to mind and did him a non-specific renegade. Later I realised that I must have had this one by JB at the back of my mind – as his was done two years earlier, the influence can only have run in one direction.


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