Brethren of Ultimate Sanction

This is a random minor project that seems to have sprung up by itself. A set of mad monks / flagellants has been collecting on my painting table. Their goal is unknown, perhaps they intend to venture into the icy wastes of Frostgrave; although they don’t seem dressed for it, they may welcome the icy bite on their bare feet and the stinging winds in their faces. Possibly they will hunt mutants and witches in the blasted ruins of Mordheim, hunt the spawn of Chaos in the wilderness, or just back up a more conventional force on the field of battle.

On the left, Brother Dubonnet was given away by Ramshackle Miniatures at BOYL, and it all started with him. He bears the thrice blessed Hammer of Old, which may be used to batter down the Nails of Righteousness, or to pry out the Tacks of Damnation. Their two tone robes combine the purity of undyed wool with the red of faithful sacrifice.

The one on the right is from Casting Room miniatures range. A couple of models from his blister pack had become cultists (see earlier post), but he just looked too medieval. I didn’t fancy his beard, so I sculpted a new one from green putty – then he knocked around without a purpose until he joined the first Brother as an initiate of the order. A new movement had been born… more coming soon.

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