X-wing battle over space station

Rowan has been collecting X-wing for about a year, so this has been one of the games I have been playing most of recently. Here’s a shot from our latest game in which I managed to close a Rebel victory in spite of a rather shaky end game for them.

X-wing battle over space station

The space station is scenery from the stunning fan-made campaign “Heroes of the Aturi Cluster”. We’ve only played one of the campaign games – mainly because they require a lot of ships we haven’t got, but it’s well worth downloading for the scenery alone. The players all play against an ‘AI’ controlled Imperial force – the way the AI works is very ingenious and produces a reasonable adversary. It doesn’t have the skill of a human player, but then you do get the pleasure of blasting away superior numbers of enemy fighters.

This was a straight 100pts a side game, with the addition of each side having some troops that they could land in the space station. I was lucky enough that my troops won the shoot-out in the corridors and thereby gained control of the turbo lasers. The turbo lasers aren’t that good – they turn slowly under the Aturi cluster rules (“they are evading our turbo lasers”), but I managed one good hit on an Interceptor which made them worthwhile. I was fielding two quality B-wings – Ten Numb with an autoblaster and Ibtisam with Push the Limit, and then Biggs in an X-wing with R2D2 to draw fire, soak up damage, and stop them pummelling the B-wings to pieces. Rowan had 3 interceptors, 2 with high quality pilots, supported by 2 standard TIEs, one with a low grade pilot and the other with Mauler Mithel. It was a hard fought game but I pulled ahead – I still had all 3 ships (albeit with almost no shields) facing 2 interceptors. There was then a period when Rowan, with some very perceptive manoeuvring and good dice landed a number of hits without me catching him and I lost a B-wing, but ultimately his luck ran out.

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