Normandy – Tessel-Bretteville Recon (Battle 3)

This game was played at a different scale to standard Crossfire, in that normally the smallest element is a rifle squad. This game was played so that elements represented sections instead of squads, as per the rules on Lloyd’s site. The location was at the far east of the campaign map:

British briefing was as follows:

The 7th Dorsets have occupied Fontenay. They are not directly taking part in the attacks on the 18th June but are sending out patrols to recce the area to the South of them. This game represents a platoon sized “fighting patrol”. Your objective is to recce the countryside prior to any larger scale advance. Try to find out the scale of the German forces, the location of any forward positions (machine guns, ATGs etc). Engage targets if opportune to do so, but this is primarily to locate rather than destroy the enemy.


  • Get LOS to the three locations marked with red X on the map (not necessarily at the same time)
  • Avoid casualties. If you take more than one third casualties (including commanders and squads), you must withdraw immediately.
  • Uncover as many German units as possible.
  • Destroy high value German targets if encountered.

I don’t have any pictures or even much detail of the battle, the results from the British CO were as follows:

“Got LOS to all three points shown on the map. All the Germans that were revealed were killed/captured except one mg which retreated.
I did not take one thirds casualties and inflicted enough casualties on the Germans to force them to retreat leaving the British in control of the battlefield.”
British: 1 lmg team, 1 rifle section, 1 squad commander,  and the two inch mortar
German: 3 msg, 3 rifle teams and 1 commander. An FO was also captured.”
Because it was being played at a smaller scale than usual, the casualties were fairly negligible for the overall division, however, the British victory has moved the front lines on the campaign map and has also given the British C-in-C a small bonus in Command Points for the next day. Command Points in these campaign rules are required for the C-in-C to deploy forces on the overall map.

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