15mm European houses

A brief interlude from the battle reports to show some scenery:

Last year I was given these 15mm buildings, which is perfect because we were preparing for the Crossfire campaign, and we only had a couple of non-ruined buildings (previous campaign had been Stalingrad – so the ‘buildings’ were more bits of wall sticking out of rubble than actual houses). These were mostly painted with emulsion tester pots, with smaller details being finished off in acrylic. They are solid resin, and drawings of two of them are actually visible in the original Crossfire rulebook – so it feels as though we are playing the game exactly the way we are meant to!

The chateau-like one in the middle is definitely quite small scale for 1:100 – but I think that’s a good thing. Scaling to actual size results in buildings that are larger than they really need to be, and giving the right visual impression is enough for me.


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