First Warfactory casts!

I am pleased to announced that my sculpts have been spin cast for the very first time. Lancer Miniatures have made a mould from eight of my sculpts and they will be available from the Lancer Miniatures site in the next few days. Here are the first few to make it into lead and more greens are already in progress – I’ll post some previews in the next few days.

The rituals of the cultists have summoned this towering, rippling figure formed from pure magical energy.

DEM01 - Wraith Demon

DEM01 – Wraith Demon

The cultists’ leader, Brother Benedict, wields a mighty axe as he exhorts his brethren.

CUL01 - Cultist Leader

CUL01 – Cultist Leader

Nothing gets rid of heretics like a blast from Brother Rubicon’s flamethrower.

Cultist with flamethrower

Cultist with flamethrower

Brother Silas crouches down and looses off a volley of fire with his weapon.

CUL03 - Cultist with sub-machine gun

CUL03 – Cultist with sub-machine gun

Brother Cambrias fells a heretic before taking another reinforcing swig of the ‘holy water’ at his belt.

CUL04 - Cultist with pistol

CUL04 – Cultist with pistol

Brother Posada is protected by battered armour, a sacred relic.

CUL05 - Cultist with machine pistol

CUL05 – Cultist with machine pistol

Enemies of the true path will be soon be removed by Brother Ucto creeping into their apartments and dispatching them.

CUL06 - Cultist with daggers

CUL06 – Cultist with daggers

and finally Perry scans the shuttle’s condensers for that persistent coolant leak…

Spaceship Ground Crew

CRW01 – Spaceship Ground Crew

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