Cultist sculpt

Another cultist sculpt is finished. I was pleased with his ‘creeping along’ stance – I think I’m getting better at making the poses look more dynamic. Soon he will be going to be moulded by Lancer with another four cultists and some other more novel additions to my Warfactory range. If you have bought any of these cultists, I’d love to get your feedback or hear what you would particularly like to see added to the range (heavy weapons, more medieval, more armour etc.)

Green putty sculpt

Green putty sculpt

On a more technical front, for those who are sculpting themselves, he is built on an armature of 18 gauge florists wire. Some recommend thinner wire, but I find it needs to be quite substantial or it bends out of shape when I’m pressing the putty on. The gun is a metal casting from a 3D printed original, and the blade is cut down from a plastic blade in my bits box. The knife has a wire handle which was fixed to the arm with a blob of putty which became the basis for his hand. Originally the knife was much closer in to his sleeve, but it didn’t look right so I bent it further out.

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