Battlefleet Gothic


A couple of Asteroid defense stations, and a scratchbuilt chaos battleship. Needs more detailing and a better paint job – one of about 20 ongoing projects. It’s a big beast – that’s an Imperial Battleship for comparison. Various bits of kits, spares from BFG sprues, plastic tubing all added to what I think was an Eldar 40k vehicle.

The stations are chunks of expanded polystyrene shaped with a heat gun. It melts the outer surface and makes it very tough, and the latex paint and sand/grit I cover it with makes it even tougher. Lego blocks, bits of epic vehicles, pens, pins, christmas tree lightbulbs and some bits from a Space 1999 moonbase kit provide the base buildings.

Chaos scratchbuild Chaos warship comparison Asteroid Station 2b Asterid Station 2a Asteroid Station 1


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