Ventolin Pirate Squad 2 Released – Breachers

New Ventolin Pirate breacher squad. Armed with a selection of close combat weapons, these are the perfect addition to the basic squad released in 2023. What’s more, all money raised will be going to help Ukraine defend itself. Some of these sculpts were sponsored by Thaddeus Moore and Jochen Heidersdorf – many thanks to them for their additional support.

How to Buy

  • Price £20 for 10 STLs or only £10 if you have already bought the first squad.
  • These are the 3D files for you to 3D print for personal use, they are not physical models. To purchase, email and I will send you payment instructions and a dropbox link.
  • £20 to commission your own variant. This could be a specific pose, a new weapon, a new helmet/shoulder pad detail. Get in touch with your description or sketch and I will confirm whether it’s feasible.
  • Sorry – no physical casts of these are currently available.

All proceeds from the sale of these STLs will be donated to Dzyga’s Paw – who are fund raising to buy drones and other equipment for the Ukrainian military. Drones are critical for reconnaissance and targeting, and are easily lost due for reasons such as battery failure and jamming. Saving Ukrainian lives means keeping them well supplied. The first squad has raised over £800, so let’s keep going.

WF-P16A – Breacher with Melta

WF-P14A – Breacher charging with Axe

WF-P17A – Leader with Melta

WF-P18A – Breacher with chainsaw and shield

WF-P19A – Breacher chopping with axe

WF-P20A – Trooper with Flamer

WF-P21A – Trooper walking with Shotgun

WF-P22A – Trooper with raised Shotgun

WF-P23A – Trooper with Webber

WF-P13A – Breacher swinging axe

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