Epic Armageddon Battle (Part 1)

Last weekend we dug out Epic Armageddon and had a game of Imperial Guard vs Squats – just over 3000 points per side. Here are some pictures from the start of the battle.

It was a 4′ x 8′ table with plenty of buildings. The Squats hold the industrial sector on the right. Imperial Guard are advancing from the left.


View across the city

The Imperial Guard army included quite a bit of armour – 3 Baneblades and 8 Leman Russ’s. They were also backed up by some Arbites, (1st generation marines painted as Arbites, counting as marines in the game).


Arbites on the hill

In the centre of the city was a large area of ruins – a factory and a ruined tower block.


Land Raiders advance towards the ruins

The Squats were very light on vehicles, but they did have two Warhounds and three Gyrocopters.


Warhound shelters behind bunker


Squat infantry in the industrial sector


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