Dragonborn and Tiefling

Quite enjoyed a bit of D&D a few years ago. Really liked the combat under 4th edition, and wanted a few figures for that, but struggled to find some types so resolved to covert a couple. The pre-painted plastics are really good for gaming, because they can be carted about easily without getting damage, but the randomness was a pain. Still pick them up if I can get them cheap, though.

Anyway, I wanted a Dragonborn. Didn’t need wings, but wanted a meaty looking warlord to smite the foe.

Started with a plastic GW Chaos Warrior. Main changes involved a head replacement, and converting hands and boots to have 3-4 digits each with scales and claws.

The base for the head was a plastic Skaven head from the old Warhammer Regiments box. Produced in the mid-80s, it had 10 each of Goblins, Orcs, Skaven, Elves, Dark Elves and Dwarves.

The biggest modification to the head was the addition of dragon ears fashioned from thin plastic card, plus milliput/green stuff to change the jaw, add scales, and the tendril-like hair.

Green stuff was also used to modify the hands and feet and the top of the cloak. The shield was chopped about and faced with thin plastic to give the impression that it was constructed from a set of metal plates.

Finally the figure was stuck into the slottabase with the feet raised 3-4 mm above the surface, and some carved plastic card was used to represent paving slabs. A couple of small disks represent dropped coins.

Dragonborn pre-paintDragonborn Front viewDragonborn Back view


The Tiefling is a relatively simple conversion of a Reaper illusionist (I think). A couple of horns and tail have been added, and the top of the staff modified using a pair of plastic Ghoul hands and a ball of milliput, with green-stuff tendrils round it. The idea was that it was some kind of magical stone which emits power when the Warlock causes the hands to squeeze it.

The figure is based as if he’s rising up on billows of smoke.

Tiefling BackTiefling Front

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