Shambling in the moonlight

I’ve been experimenting with my brand new camera. The flash didn’t go off for this one, but what it lost in clarity, it gained in atmosphere. Imagine peering out of the window one frosty night and seeing this lot shambling towards you.

Citadel Zombies


Mutated Minotaur Lord

This is an unconverted 80s minotaur lord, which I painted a few years ago. I used not to like the model very much, but after I had worked hard on this one, it’s now one of my favourite minotaurs. One of my favourite bits is the dark bronze metal, which if I remember correctly is […]

Corn Stooks

These are the finished articles. I haven’t yet decided how I’ll base them, so I’ve just popped them on cocktail sticks for the photographs.

Start with a bundle of Coir. I’ve made my stooks around 3 cm long, on the basis that historic crops stood taller before we bred out the height to create […]

Beastman with custom shield

I was in the mood for sculpting a putty shield, and picked this model out as a suitable candidate. The shield was sculpted in a single session, the model is an unconverted 80s Khorne beastman. When it came to painting, I tried out some more unusual metal effects, inspired by other people’s models I had […]


To give an idea of what the final product should look like;

This shows Gabions topped with fascines held in place with pegs driven into the tops of the gabions. The fascines are also used to front the lower central sections which allow the guns to fire through.

The staves are cut from Bamboo […]

Necromunda Caravan Game

Over the Christmas break, Rowan and I played our first game of Necromunda with his Redemptionist gang. I used a Goliath gang that has already played a couple of games. The scenario was one from Outlanders, where the Goliaths had been hired to protect a Guilder caravan from a Redemptionist raid. It was played in […]

Three savage orcs

These were going to be my entry for Orctober, (see Oldhammer forum here, but I didn’t get them finished in time. I bought these three at BOYL 2014. They didn’t have shields, so I decided to scratch build something suitable. I’d been doing a couple of classic green putty ‘ugly face’ designs, so I […]