Corn Stooks

These are the finished articles. I haven’t yet decided how I’ll base them, so I’ve just popped them on cocktail sticks for the photographs.

06 - painted

Start with a bundle of Coir. I’ve made my stooks around 3 cm long, on the basis that historic crops stood taller before we bred out the height to create the modern varieties. They might be a bit tall – no reason why you can’t trim them at the base. Tie the bundle 1 cm from the top using a length of Coir on which some PVA or wood glue has been smeared and draw it tightly – I then loop it round to tie again, but once would probably do.

01 - base bundle

Take a few offcuts of coir and glue a few long strands into the top. When dry, trim them back so that you’re left with a few longer strands protruding a few mm from the top. Splay the top and bottom as much as you can so that both ends are wider and the strands are slightly separated.

02 - strands added

Dunk the top end into the Glue.

03 - dunk in glue

Use a cocktail stick or similar to spread the glue a few millimetres down the stems – don’t use too much.

04 - glue applied

Dunk the glued end into fine dry sand – I use playpit sand.

05 - dipped in sand

Finally paint using a watered down mix of white and yellow to the shade of your choice.

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