Frostgrave arch


Wizard instructs barbarian in using what civilised people call a ‘doorway’

This rather fancy plastic arch came from some Heroquest style board game. It was used to join board pieces together with some plastic tags underneath, which I clipped off – otherwise it’s unaltered. I try not to make my stone work too ‘flat grey’ by which I mean the basic grey that you get when you mix black and white. I started this one off by painting it burnt umber, I then drybrushed with a brownish grey emulsion and added in very pale cream emulsion for the highlights. Finally I splashed on random washes of Wargames Foundry Phlegm Green and Terracotta. I added some small areas of brownish flock, some dried tea (of course) and a couple of fragments of tree root to finish.

I’ve got two of these arches – they have a different pattern on each side – below you can see the other one.


Arch works equally well as a free-standing portal

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