Frostgrave archer statue

Another element done for the Frostgrave scenarios. This plastic archer came to me mixed in with a load of undead from eBay.  He’s a little small, and the two-dimensional pose and poor detailing meant I had no use for him as a normal model.

Frostgrave statue

Frostgrave statue

I popped him on a Frostgrave disc-shaped base on top of an old Citadel display base (which I also had no other use for) and hey presto, a rather handsome statue. The large leaves on the base are from birch seed casings – at the end of summer you can harvest these. The moss flock I dotted on him was an important part of making him look more like a statue, rather than just a model painted grey.

I’d be interested to know where this model comes from – he is made of bright red plastic, which is rather unusual?

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