Antares battle at Warlord HQ

Rowan and I went to Warlord Games HQ in Nottingham for their fortnightly Antares games night last night. They are open till 8.30pm and there are four tables available, such as this rather nicely sculpted desert. We played two games, which were against each other as we were first to set up, but all four […]

Back to the hive

After many months of being covered in miscellaneous junk and boxes of models, after weeks of picking away at the debris, I finally gritted my teeth and cleared the table in the shed. 4′ x 8′ of glorious emptiness. It was time for a game.

Finally cleared

Rowan had found rules for a Genestealer […]

X-wing battle over space station

Rowan has been collecting X-wing for about a year, so this has been one of the games I have been playing most of recently. Here’s a shot from our latest game in which I managed to close a Rebel victory in spite of a rather shaky end game for them.

X-wing battle over space […]

Inquisitor Cynole playtest photos

A couple of weeks behind schedule, I’ve finally set up for the scenario playtest for the Inquisitor Cynole game. I was starting to worry a bit, but I’ve really pushed on in the last few weeks. Last weekend I printed out a draft set of the temple floorplans, finished the first draft of the […]

Inquisitor Cynole scenario – background

The ‘thopter was a local model, ancient and noisy, the dull beat of its engines drowning any attempt at conversation. Dr Moenkhaus gestured to the ground.

‘That’, he said ‘is the main logging zone. You can see the loggernauts if you look closely’. Inquisitor Cynole peered from the cabin window. Far below he could […]

Rogue trader – raid on illegal crops

A few photos from a Rogue Trader scenario that Rowan has been putting together. The Imperial Guard are raiding a farm where criminals have been growing wheat. This is of course illegal in the 41st millenium, due to its use in the highly addictive foodstuff known as “cheese toasties”. In the central building are a […]

Third Frostgrave game

First proper table set up at home. This was a 4’x4′ table on two boards. I was going to use a piece of snow fleece – the sort of thing used in Christmas shop window displays. It looked pleasingly fluffy, like fresh snow, but we rapidly discovered that nothing would stand up on it, and […]

Second Frostgrave game

For our second ever Frostgrave game, we played a four way game. After a quick reincarnation, my warband came back exactly as it had been at the start of the first game. Rowan’s was enhanced by adding a couple of higher quality henchmen such as a knight. We played on a 3’x3′ table again, with […]

First frostgrave game

The scene is set

On Saturday, Rowan and I headed over to the Games Emporium at Mansfield to try out Frostgrave. A helpful member of staff helped us through the first couple of turns while we got the hang of the rules. We both had starting warbands. I fielded a Thaumaturge, Apprentice, Barbarian, 2 […]

Epic Armageddon Battle (Part 1)

Last weekend we dug out Epic Armageddon and had a game of Imperial Guard vs Squats – just over 3000 points per side. Here are some pictures from the start of the battle.

It was a 4′ x 8′ table with plenty of buildings. The Squats hold the industrial sector on the right. Imperial Guard […]