Third Frostgrave game

First proper table set up at home. This was a 4’x4′ table on two boards. I was going to use a piece of snow fleece – the sort of thing used in Christmas shop window displays. It looked pleasingly fluffy, like fresh snow, but we rapidly discovered that nothing would stand up on it, and […]

Second Frostgrave game

For our second ever Frostgrave game, we played a four way game. After a quick reincarnation, my warband came back exactly as it had been at the start of the first game. Rowan’s was enhanced by adding a couple of higher quality henchmen such as a knight. We played on a 3’x3′ table again, with […]

First frostgrave game

The scene is set

On Saturday, Rowan and I headed over to the Games Emporium at Mansfield to try out Frostgrave. A helpful member of staff helped us through the first couple of turns while we got the hang of the rules. We both had starting warbands. I fielded a Thaumaturge, Apprentice, Barbarian, 2 […]

Epic Armageddon Battle (Part 1)

Last weekend we dug out Epic Armageddon and had a game of Imperial Guard vs Squats – just over 3000 points per side. Here are some pictures from the start of the battle.

It was a 4′ x 8′ table with plenty of buildings. The Squats hold the industrial sector on the right. Imperial Guard […]

First Chainsaw Warrior game at BOYL

The first game has been played at Bring Out Your Lead 2015. The last Chainsaw Warrior (controlled by Skarsnik) reached Darkness with 5 minutes to go, only to be battered down after he missed with his Laser Lance. Here you can see them working their way across the 2nd floor being chased by the green […]

Chainsaw Warrior at BOYL 2015

As anyone following the retro 80s wargaming scene must know, we are merely days away from BOYL 2015 @ Wargames Foundry, Newark. “Chainsaw Warrior with Space Hulk Rules” (got to think of a snappier title), will be making an appearance. The schedule is here, there are still spaces, so sign up quick.

The Meat […]

A few photos from BOYL 2014

I just came across these previously unpublished photos from Bring Out Your Lead 2014. I took them at the end of the event on the Sunday afternoon. Things were quietening down, so we got out some scatter terrain and some assorted sci-fi for a quick skirmish.

Squad advancing – Chainsaw Warrior again. He gets […]

Highway to New Rynn City

A month or so ago, a grand plan formed in my mind. Inspired by “Operation Crossfire“, I’m hoping to organise an event this autumn where lots of separate games are played simultaneously as part of a single campaign. As many games as possible will be organised to occur on that day in remote locations. There […]

DBA Romans vs Carthaginians

A couple of weeks ago, my 11 year old and I clashed in a game of De Bellis Antiquitatis. We played the Big Battle variant from 2.2, which is essentially 3 normal DBA armies on each side for a total of 36 elements each. This was stretching my model collection to its limits, so some […]

Third Chainsaw Warrior Playtest

Last weekend we had another game – same rules and layout with a few minor tweaks. Specifically:

We wrote out exactly what each trap did, took out the not applicable ones and made a “room deck” of about half “Empty”, a quarter traps, a quarter supply dumps and a handful of zombies. On the Third […]