Inquisitor Cynole playtest photos

A couple of weeks behind schedule, I’ve finally set up for the scenario playtest for the Inquisitor Cynole game. I was starting to worry a bit, but I’ve really pushed on in the last few weeks. Last weekend I printed out a draft set of the temple floorplans,  finished the first draft of the briefings and forces and made another 3 feet of chainlink fencing. I thought I had masses, but it turned out when I laid it out, I didn’t have enough.

We’ve set the whole game out and played the first couple of turns. I can’t show you too much in case of spoilers, but here are some photos from the initial setup.

Temple floorplan

Temple floorplan

This is a 4ft x 8ft table. On the day it’ll be a 6ft x 12ft, which will allow for a bit more jungle round the edge, and space for people to lay out their reference sheets etc. Up one end is the temple, then there’s a big compound full of ruins, surrounded by electrified fence, and beyond that… the jungle.


Luckily I already had all the jungle, so I didn’t have to make any of that, but all the ruins have been made specially.

More ancient ruins

More ancient ruins. Generator in the foreground


Shuttle on landing pad

In the foreground here, you can see a shuttle. I’m hoping to have a couple of ornithopters ready for the day, but in the meantime this is standing in.

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