Rogue trader – raid on illegal crops

A few photos from a Rogue Trader scenario that Rowan has been putting together. The Imperial Guard are raiding a farm where criminals have been growing wheat. This is of course illegal in the 41st millenium, due to its use in the highly addictive foodstuff known as “cheese toasties”. In the central building are a number of scientists gone bad, who are helping them refine the raw product and are essential to the operation. The pirate gang have to get them to safety, but the only exit is on the side that the Imperial Guard are attacking from.


The centre of the operation, surrounded by crops

To add a further complication, one of the gang feels that he has been cheated of his fair share of the profits and is planning to shoot the scientists with a crossbow (silent and deadly). He is loose in the building and will have to be stopped.


Pirate scum defend their operation


“Don’t let them destroy our livelihoods”

So far in play testing, the pirates have won once, and the Guard have won once.

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