Gaslands Race

We had a simple Gaslands game yesterday for the first time in a while. Our favoured format is as follows.

  • Line up the cars, players take it in turns to choose one (you don’t have to work out points this way, you can just stick on any old stuff).
  • Death race format
  • Lots of zombies randomly placed

Chaos at the starting line

We don’t use record sheets – car weapons are WYSIWYG. Virtually all of them are magnetised so can be easily swapped for a particular set up. The small dice are used to indicate the car’s gear and also team (black or white). The explosion tokens are the number of hazard points. They are stuck to pennies which makes them heavy enough to not get knocked around.

We each had a performance car and these ended up as the race leaders, but I managed to bungle my dice and wipe out at Gate 3. My opponent helpfully pointed me straight at the gate post, although I pulled off a great backwards turn and shifted straight up to gear 3 to stay in the race.

Here you can see the race leader struggling with a zombie who had climbed on to the bonnet and made repeated attempts to get through the windscreen and scoop out the driver’s brains.

This red car powered away to win, although it was an eventful ride – it got hit by a 125mm cannon, zapped three zombies in a single turn with the arc projector and rolled one slide after another to hurtle round the last couple of gates.

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