Ghost Archipelago Boats

Two years ago, I got what I think was the first commercial copy of Ghost Archipelago – I’d backed the Nickstarter, and just before they were sent out to the other backers, I called in at North Star and picked it up in person. Ironically, it’s now two years later and I still haven’t got round to playing a game yet (which must make me one of the last backers to actually start playing).  I have, however, been amassing some stuff to play it with, and the latest are these rowing boats. Sailing on the tropical waters was one the most appealing elements in the setting for me, both in terms of gameplay and aesthetics, so I wanted to use boats in lots of the games, but I didn’t have any…

I created the original of these boats, and they have now been cast by Ramshackle Games. They are newly available here: Ramshackle website

Rowing boats approach the shore


The crew are also freshly painted, I’ll post about them shortly.

Looking for a landing point

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