A pair of gorgons that have finally escaped the ‘in progress’ painting tray. The one on the right is a Reaper model – at UK Games Expo they were running a ‘paint and keep’ table. I turned up right at the end of the day, and knocked this out in 15 minutes, which was challenging when almost every part of it was covered in simultaneously wet paint when I wanted to dry brush. Doing the base at home afterwards probably added another 5 or 6 minutes (I do them in batches).

The other one is a Casting Room Miniatures model. Spent a bit more time on this one, with the purplish washes giving a bit more visual interest. Still a quick and serviceable paint job.

Gorgons are a monster in the core Ghost Archipelago book, so there’s a chance they might actually make it into a game too! As with pretty much all my fantasy stuff, they are of course on WFB 3rd edition standard size – in this case 25mm square.

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