Frostgrave worm

“Begone, foul hell spawn”. A somewhat outclassed apprentice tries to see off this looming menace with a newly memorised bit of magic.

Frostgrave worm – model from Ramshackle

One of the more unusual monsters in the basic Frostgrave rulebook is the Giant Worm. I’ve been trying to collect up all the monsters and bits for the scenarios in the original book (yes, I am getting left well behind as more get released, but you have to be realistic).

I painted it purple because that’s what I remembered the book as describing it as, but revisiting it, there’s no mention of colour. I think I must have been thinking of a D&D purple worm.

A lot of people have used more dragon-like creatures, but this maggoty thing from Ramshackle Games is just perfect. The bestiary says “They were originally bred to clean the city’s sewer system, devouring all of the waste“, so a bloated, blind creature, with a mouth like a waste disposal unit, fits the bill, and for £5, it’s good value for something that can tower over a luckless adventurer.

Ramshackle Slag Dragon Maggot


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