Genestealer hybrid with flamer

Last year Rowan bought a box of Deathwatch Overkill to form the basis of a hybrid army. The Neophyte and Acolyte boxes have further swelled their numbers, but that still wasn’t enough, and there are plenty of spare parts on the sprues. So, to supplement the hybrids in mining gear, we’ve also been doing some cultists – rich purple robes, a bit more ragged and mysterious. This one is based on a spare cast from my own range.

Genestealer hybrid with flamer

I took the head off with side cutters, pinned on a spare plastic hybrid head and then added a green stuff hood to fill the gap. A little bit of ‘genestealer pattern’ in light blue livened up an otherwise fairly plain model. He also had a very normal looking foot protruding from his robe, so I whipped that off and replaced it with a claw.

The original cast

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