Bob Olley hybrids

Another couple for the growing cult. These are the fantastic Bob Olley sculpts with new plastic arms. The one on the right spent a couple of decades in the corner of the cabinet with the original hybrid arms and an autocannon. Just didn’t suit him and he languished half painted and unloved (albeit with the natty red trousers).

Bob Olley hybrids

As part of the “get all the Genestealer stuff done” drive, I stuck spare Neophyte arms on and was really pleased with the results. The one on the left’s shoulders are perhaps a bit broad, but I think it adds to his air of hulking menace.

I’m not keen on some of Bob Olley’s stuff, but his baroque highly decorated weirdness suits these down to the ground. Look at those crazy metal jacket things at the back – how did Bob come up with those shapes?

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