Treasure chests and coffins for Frostgrave

Last year I took advantage of a Black Tree sale to pick up a few chests for Frostgrave. We’ve got a few treasure items but have had to resort to using dice etc in the past. I’ve finally got these finished as ¬†part of the ‘clear the WIP tray’ effort that I blogged a couple of posts ago. I thought about putting them on bases, but I quite like the way they naturally become part of the scene when placed, rather than looking like a symbol for something.

Along with the chests there’s a selection of coffins, suitable for (from left to right), a knight, a vampire and a pauper. They will make a handy objective for a scenario, or just some set dressing.

Treasure for Frostgrave

Four days – four posts. Bet I don’t keep this up all year!

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