Female Rogue Trader Mercenary

This rather elegant female mercenary is another one that has taken a couple of years from start to finish. To my mind, modern 40K doesn’t have nearly enough random aliens, abhumans and other such interesting and disparate inhabitants. I imagine the fringes of the Imperium to be packed with the sort of weirdness found in the Mos Eisley cantina, so I’ve taken to building up a good selection of oddities. She’s humanish, but not human standard, and from some kind of feral hunting culture that’s into its ritual ornamentation.

Alien mercenary

The model is from Foundry’s Africa range. I picked her up from the discount cabinet at BOYL 2015 at the end of the day. Bryan Ansell prompted this by commenting that he was surprised nobody had bought her, because you could make anything like that sci-fi by just sticking on a pistol. Hmmm I thought, the bald head and jewellery is a rather cool look.In the end, I went a bit further than just adding the pistol. I modelled on boots, an ammo pack, and the Y shaped back of a top with green stuff to make her a little less primitive. Initially I had her leaning on the gun (small grenade launcher from Street Violence range), but it didn’t work very well, so I repositioned it so she was actually carrying it.

I wanted her to look a bit alien and exotic, so I used a bluish skin tone, with some strongly coloured eye makeup, and strongly patterned sarong again to suggest some kind of tribal background. The gun is rather elegant and decorative, which complements her look nicely. The red colouring on the gun was prompted by some paintball guns I have seen, that are really very decorative – metallic reds and purples, fancy little chrome detailing etc. This a piece of sculpture as well as a weapon.

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