Inquisitor Cynole playtest photos

A couple of weeks behind schedule, I’ve finally set up for the scenario playtest for the Inquisitor Cynole game. I was starting to worry a bit, but I’ve really pushed on in the last few weeks. Last weekend I printed out a draft set of the temple floorplans, finished the first draft of the […]

Inquisitor Cynole scenario – background

The ‘thopter was a local model, ancient and noisy, the dull beat of its engines drowning any attempt at conversation. Dr Moenkhaus gestured to the ground.

‘That’, he said ‘is the main logging zone. You can see the loggernauts if you look closely’. Inquisitor Cynole peered from the cabin window. Far below he could […]

Unreleased Citadel wizard / cleric

At BOYL as a reward for putting on a game, I was lucky enough to get a pick from a box of unreleased Citadel wizards (thank you Bryan). I have been gradually putting together a witch-hunter warband for Mordheim and this cleric seemed perfect to lead them. Here he is on the Collecting Citadel wiki […]

First Chainsaw Warrior game at BOYL

The first game has been played at Bring Out Your Lead 2015. The last Chainsaw Warrior (controlled by Skarsnik) reached Darkness with 5 minutes to go, only to be battered down after he missed with his Laser Lance. Here you can see them working their way across the 2nd floor being chased by the green […]

Chainsaw Warrior at BOYL 2015

As anyone following the retro 80s wargaming scene must know, we are merely days away from BOYL 2015 @ Wargames Foundry, Newark. “Chainsaw Warrior with Space Hulk Rules” (got to think of a snappier title), will be making an appearance. The schedule is here, there are still spaces, so sign up quick.

The Meat […]

A few photos from BOYL 2014

I just came across these previously unpublished photos from Bring Out Your Lead 2014. I took them at the end of the event on the Sunday afternoon. Things were quietening down, so we got out some scatter terrain and some assorted sci-fi for a quick skirmish.

Squad advancing – Chainsaw Warrior again. He gets […]