Mega City One Judges

How many judges does it take to stop a Block war? I don’t know but this lot could take down a lot of perps trying. Just finished them – mostly picking out details and doing the bases.

There’s a wide variety of manufacturers and types of judge here. There are 3 from the new Warlord range, one from Wargames Foundry and all the rest are Mongoose. Only the Warlord ones are still in production. For types of judge, there are cadets, a rookie, a psi judge, an exorcist, a sniper, a heavy weapon, two riot judges, a med and a tech. We’ve been playing the new Judge Dredd game from Warlord. It’s written by Andy Chambers, and uses the activation system from Bolt Action. The model count is very small – 10 models a side feels like a pretty large game, so it’s very easy to get started.  Judges are typically double the points of anything else, so there’s almost no way this lot are ever going to get on the table in one go,  but it still feels good to have so many to choose from.

This year I’ve challenged myself with finishing an average of one model per day in 2020. Sounds pretty ambitious, but I think it’s possible, especially with my son pitching in and helping me, and the ready supply of models that are already half done. This batch of 19 has upped the score considerably. I think I’m lagging behind a bit, but not by much.

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  • Lord of Grund

    It would be awesome if you could please do detailed displays of your wood elf and chaos marine armies, the ones shown little in you older website. Your painting of those Grenadier elves is the best I have ever seen anywhere. Anykind of old school stuff from 1980s to mid-1990s would be of great interest.

    Best regards,

    your fans from northern Europe

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