Frostgrave Henchmen

More finishing off of Frostgrave troops. These are mostly from the soldiers box, except for the Infantryman on the right below. He is a Perry Miniatures mercenary with Frostgrave arms and halberd and a green stuff fur cape to ‘winter’ him up a bit.

Thug and infantryman

The Frostgrave models have lots of layers of clothing, which can be a bit of a painting challenge. It doesn’t feel right to paint them the same colour when they look like separate garments, but on the other hand you have to pick the colours carefully or they will end up looking a discordant mess. To try to avoid these I use quite a few browns and greys with a couple of brighter colours to add interest.

Two thugs

I’ve based everything to WFB standards – 20mm square for these, and I haven’t used snow because it looks so weird in other settings, limited the uses for them. I have used a bit more grey stone that usual to increase their suitability for the city ruins.

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