Frostgrave Captain

Last year I ordered a load of Black Tree Picts for my Inquisitor Cynole game. A couple of them were in chainmail, which didn’t suit the look I wanted for the natives in the game, so I decided to use them for Frostgrave. This chap needed a little conversion – his sword looked more like a dagger (Picts didn’t have much metal), so he got this one from my bits box. He had bare legs and sort of slippers, which didn’t look suitable for the cold, so I gave him green stuff fur topped boots and trousers. It seemed a good idea to equip him well, so I gave him an old Citadel crossbow on a green stuff strap. Finally he had bare hands, so I sculpted glove ends around his wrists.

Frostgrave Captain

This model is slightly taller than most of the Frostgrave ones, which adds to his air of authority.

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